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Healthy Weights

Healthy Weights

In 2004, the Chief Medical Officer of Health released a report called, Healthy Weights, Healthy Lives, that described the link between weight and health, and the complex biological, lifestyle, socio-economic, cultural, and environmental factors that determine weight. She called on all levels of government, the health sector, schools, workplaces, food industries, families and individuals, to become part of a comprehensive, province-wide effort to change all the factors that contribute to unhealthy weight in Ontario.

Health Department Action

To respond to this call of action, the Healthy Weights: Halton Takes Action project was initiative and executed from 2006 to 2013. In addition to the project, the Health Department reviewed its programs and services to assess how well they aligned with best practices in obesity prevention. Here are some examples of such programs:

For a more comprehensive list of health department programming with a nutrition and physical activity focus click here External LinkAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF)163KB

Healthy Weights: Halton Takes Action Project (HWHTA)

Healthy Weights: Halton Takes Action was a Halton Region Health Department initiative designed to address the issue of healthy weights in Halton. Planning for the project began in 2006 and involved many key community stakeholders in the Region. The project closed April 2013.

The project consisted of a number of deliverables:

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