Family Support Worker Program

What is the family support worker program?
Who is required to pursue child/spousal support?
What does the family support worker do in court?

What is the family support worker program?

The Family Support Worker Program helps people obtain child and/or spousal support that they are entitled to. All parents must provide financial support for their children.

  • If you live in subsidized housing you must pursue any income that is available to you.
  • If you receive social assistance you can also access this service for both spousal and child support.
  • Families receiving child care subsidy can also access this service (but are not legally required to).
  • If you wish to pursue support and don’t qualify for Legal Aid, the family support workers can assist you.

What does the family support worker do?

  • We can help you:
  • Work with your former partner to write a private agreement for support (out of court)
  • Obtain a court order for support and custody
  • Review your current court order or agreement for support to ensure it is adequate
  • Request an increase in the amount of support you already receive
  • Search for your former partner so you can pursue support

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What does the Family Support Worker do in court?

We provide information and support but we do not provide legal advice. We can help you fill out the paperwork to get the court process started and we will support you throughout the court process.


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