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New paramedic station and the proposed development concept for the remaining lands

(1258 Rebecca Street, former site of St. Hilda’s Anglican Church)

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What is the project about?

The lands located at 1258 Rebecca Street (external link) in Oakville were purchased by Halton Region in 2013 in order to build a new paramedic station to better meet the health and safety needs of the southwest Oakville community.

New concept plan

In September 2013, Halton Region hosted a neighbourhood meeting to hear the local residents’ perspectives on how to best incorporate the paramedic station into this area of the Town of Oakville. At this meeting, local residents provided valuable feedback that Halton Region has used to develop a new concept plan.

The images below illustrate a conceptual land exchange (transfer) between the Town of Oakville and the Region that will be necessary to accommodate the proposed concept plan and the final proposed lot configuration if approved by the Town of Oakville (no formal application has been submitted to date), how the proposed concept plan can be integrated into the existing community and some conceptual building elevations for discussion purposes going forward.

In addition to the paramedic station, residential uses in keeping with the neighbourhood character are also planned for the site and are illustrated conceptually in these plans.

Where is the property?

<p>The property in question, <a href="" class="external">1258 Rebecca Street<span> (external link)</span></a> is located south east of the intersection of Woodside Drive and Rebecca Street in the Town of Oakville (located both south and east of the Woodside Public library).</p>

Why does Halton Region need this property?

In 2005, the Emergency Medical Services 10-Year Master Plan (PDF file) identified the need for a new paramedic station in southwest Oakville. This new station is required to provide timely paramedic services the area.

Next steps

Site Plan Process

  • A site plan application (when the Region moves forward with the preferred concept) will go before the Town of Oakville’s Site Plan Committee prior to any approval being made on the application by the Town. There will be an opportunity for community members to speak to the Committee at that time on the proposal that is ultimately made.
  • Information on the Town of Oakville’s Site Plan Committee can be found on the Town’s website, Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions and Reports (external link).

Opportunities for feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Halton Region intend to put a paramedic station at 1258 Rebecca Street, Oakville?

  • The site is centrally located in southwest Oakville and was purchased to enable the Region to meet the service delivery needs and demands in the southwest Oakville area.

Why not use another property in the area?

  • The central location of 1258 Rebecca Street (external link) will allow paramedics to have better coverage of the southwest Oakville area, and will allow them to reach patients in the area more quickly.
  • Paramedics aim for a drive time of 5 minutes or less. This 5 minute timeframe is key for the paramedic response, as it increases the likelihood that a patient with a heart attack or other serious condition will get the care they need in a reasonable amount of time, which ultimately increases the chance of survival.

How did you incorporate resident feedback into the design of the paramedic station?

We heard a lot of great feedback at the previous neighbourhood meeting and have used this feedback to both refine the plan and the operations elements proposed for this location.

Potential noise and traffic impacts:

  • Redesign of the station layout to allow for a drive through design, significantly reducing the need for any back-up audio signalling when at the station.
  • The building entrance and exit have been relocated to reduce the noise related impacts to the neighbouring residential properties.
  • The originally proposed safe room feature within the building has been removed.
  • Residential uses have been incorporated along Rebecca Street.
  • Halton Region’s paramedics undergo extensive driver training to ensure the safety of the community residents, patients and paramedic staff. Driving policies and practices are strictly monitored.

How the property will be used:

  • The paramedic station requires a minimum of 0.01 hectares (0.3 acres) of the 0.8 hectare (2 acre) property.
  • Any future land use is required to be approved by both Regional Council and the Town of Oakville.

Where can I find more information?