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Whether you are starting, managing or growing a small business, you may not always have the resources or information you need. The Halton Region Small Business Centre is ready to help! Our consultation services, programs, events and information sessions, resource centre, online and printed materials can all help you build a successful small business.

Start your business

There are many benefits to being an entrepreneur or small business owner but where do you begin? The knowledgeable consultants at the Halton Region Small Business Centre are ready to help guide you through the start-up process, and offer market research, essential documents, innovative supports and more. Learn how we can help you start your business.

Manage your business

Managing the day-to-day operations of a business can be a rewarding endeavour but how will you take your small business to next level? Know the ins and outs of your taxes, finances and legal requirements as a small business owner. Explore how marketing, e-business and networking can all positively impact your business. Learn more.

Grow your business

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your goal may be to have a large and profitable business one day. The Halton Region Small Business Centre offers access to research and development programs, funding programs and resources specific to importing and exporting. Learn more.


Need help creating a business plan or income statement? Looking for a business template or government form? The Toolbox offers you quick access to all of our checklists, templates, forms and other helpful documents. Find the resources you need to start, manage or grow your business. Learn more.

Come visit the Halton Region Small Business Centre to explore our free lending library, use our workstations, book an appointment or register for an event or business session.