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Why is Parent Engagement Important?

Benefits for children and youth

  • Increases student achievement
  • Fosters positive learning outcomes
  • Improves student behaviour
  • Enhances social skills
  • Decreases unhealthy behaviours such as tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use
  • Fosters a positive attitude about both school and home to support resilience and achievement
  • Improves transition into high school for youth

Benefits for parents

  • Parents find it easier to help their child learn
  • Confidence in parenting skills increases when they are more involved
  • Parents are connected to other parents since social support networks are created
  • Parents have a better understanding of the responsibilities of teachers, principals, school structure, school culture and curriculum

Benefits for schools

  • Teachers and principals are better supported and enjoy positive relationships with parents
  • Trust is built between teachers, students and parents
  • Staff have a better understanding and appreciation for family cultures/diversity

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