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Child Care Framework


In December 2012, the Ontario Government presented its new child care funding framework and formula for municipalities. The revised funding framework provides greater flexibility for municipalities to distribute funding based on local needs. These changes have presented Halton Region with an opportunity to support the stabilization of the Halton child care system and to prepare for the future through implementation of recommendations that came out of the Halton’s Early Learning and Child Care Plan 2012-2015 (HELCCP). The HELCCP as well as the new Child Care Funding Framework will be broadly overseen by the Our Kids Network – Early Years Committee.

Child Care Framework Literature Review:

Implementation of the new child care funding framework began with the development of funding model options in 2013-2014 and continues with implementation planning in 2015. Halton Region Children’s Services, as a Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM), has the responsibility for planning and managing the child care system in Halton including:

  • Licensed child care programs
  • Special needs integrated services.
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This work is aligned with Recommendation #3 in Halton’s Early Learning and Child Care Plan 2012-2015 (pg.44). It is based on new Ministry of Education, Ontario Child Care Services Management and Funding Guidelines and the Ontario Early Years Policy Framework.

Implementation of the new child care funding framework General Operating Grant is planned for January 2016, pending Regional Council approval.

On January 19, 2015, the Province of Ontario announced the Early Childhood Educators Wage Enhancement Funding. More information on Wage Enhancement is needed to confirm the General Operating Grant planned for January 2016. Details will be shared as they become available.

Thank you to the many child care operators for attending the semi-annual CMSM information meeting and participating in Advisory and Focus groups on upcoming changes to funding guidelines and Purchase of Service Agreements.

The Child Care Framework project has a set of guiding principles that present a shared way of thinking about the vision and values for this project and provide direction on how to work toward that shared vision.

The principles also assist us in setting priorities, developing actions, continually improving our service operations and guiding decision-making under the new funding framework for Early Learning and Child Care in Halton.

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  • Children and their needs come first
  • We are committed to quality programs
  • We believe in inclusive and accessible child care supports for families
  • We will adhere to the EDU guidelines in order to support transparency, fiscal responsibility and consistency in approach
  • We will support continuous learning for educators and families
  • We will nurture a system that embraces leadership, integration and collaboration
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Halton Region Child Care Advisory Committee provides recommendations and feedback in the following program areas:

  • policies and procedures relating to fee subsidy and wage subsidy
  • current child care community needs
  • implementation of Halton's Integrated Early Learning and Child Care Plan 2012-2015

The following licensed Child Care Operators have volunteered to participate on the Halton Region Child Care Advisory:

  • Links2Care
  • Thistleoaks Child Care Centre
  • Kidlogic Oakville. Burlington Inc.
  • YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford
  • Les Petites Perles Inc.
  • Halton Hills Day Care Centre Inc.
  • Today’s Family Caring for Your Child
  • Friendly Faces Day Care Services Inc.
  • The Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • Bruce Trail Early Learning and Child Care Centre – MCRC
  • Peekaboo Child Care Centre Inc.
  • Milton Community Resource Centre
  • Alton Kids Child Care Centre
  • Parkview Children's Centre
  • Halton Day Care Services Inc.

The Child Care Advisory, along with licensed child care operators, will be consulted during the development of the Child Care Framework.

We look forward to discussing challenges, considering options, and generating opportunities for quality child care choices for children and families in Halton.

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In September 2014, the Province of Ontario fully implemented the Full Day Kindergarten program, meaning all families now have access to this program for eligible Junior and Senior Kindergarten children.

  • Child Care Subsidy will be available for kindergarten age children for before and after school, PD day and school break care
  • Families of kindergarten age children with special needs will be able to access resource services and supports through their respective Boards of Education
  • Licensed child care operators will be eligible for wage supports for programs for kindergarten age children in before and after school, PD day and school break programs
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Purchase of Service Agreements and Recreation Agreements have been revised and upon approval by Council will be shared in Fall of 2015. Key changes for the Funding Agreement for Child Care Service Management include:

  1. Effective January 2016, operators requesting a Purchase of Service agreement will be required to:
    1. Confirm that they have a a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    2. Provide evidence that they are a Member in Good Standing with the Quality First Program
    3. Complete the annual Rate Application form
  2. Operational Changes will be described in operational manuals and include details such as:
    1. a. Insurance
      • $5 million insurance coverage
    2. Provincial Child Care Licensing System (CCLS)
      • operators no longer need to provide Serious Occurrences or Licenses to Halton Region Child Care Services
    3. Fee Subsidy
      • Families in financial need can access up to 50% of available spaces without restriction
    4. Wage Subsidy converts to General Operating Grant (GOG)
      • GOG funds to support wages with some limited flexibility –details to be confirmed
      • Non-mandatory benefits capped at 25%
      • Professional Development claims no longer eligible
      • Operator cannot decline GOG funds based on audit costs
      • Further details to be confirmed pending Provincial Wage Enhancement Program review
    5. Legal Program Changes
      • Asset Sales – GOG cannot be transferred to new operator
      • Shares Transactions – to be confirmed
      • 60 Day Notice required for Asset, Shares, Amalgamation or name changes
    6. Provincial Wage Enhancement Program
      • Further details to be confirmed


  • Literature about child care environments –International and Canadian perspectives have been reviewed and considered to provide insight on what opportunities exist in the development of our own licensed child care options. Read the literature review Approaches to  Funding and Quality Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 203KB
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Throughout this process you can expect regular communication and updates on the website and through community meetings.

CMSM meetings for child care operators and special needs resource agencies will continue to occur semi-annually.

If you still have a question, please email us at You can expect a response within two business days and we will post frequently asked questions to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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