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Guidelines, Manuals & Reports

Regional Official Plan (ROP) Guidelines

The ROP Guidelines are a set of documents that help implement the policies in Halton’s Regional Official Plan. Visit the ROP Guidelines page for more information and access to the Guidelines.

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Development Engineering Review Manual (DERM)

The Development Engineering Review Manual (DERM) (PDF file) is a technical resource of interest to consulting engineers. It details the standards for drawings and other materials required for engineering approvals to be granted. 

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Water Usage and Sanitary Discharge Report

Owner Development Applications may require to be accompanied by a Water Usage and Sanitary Discharge Report as determined by Halton Region in order to support the application.

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Land Owner Dedication Form

Land Owners in Halton who are required to dedicate land to Halton Region under Development Applications are required to complete the Land Owner Dedication Form, and submit it to the Region's Community Planning section of Legislative and Planning Services. This form will be accompanied by all referenced attachments, Reference Plans and fess. Please note that fees are reviewed and updated annually. Please check with Community Planning staff before drawing up the fees. 

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