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Parenting programs & supports

Find out about all the parenting programs and supports we offer through HaltonParents.

    Thinking about feeding your baby a formula supplement?

    Call 311 to speak to a public health nurse to help you make an informed decision about feeding your baby.

    Nuturing, Growing & DevelopingNurturing, Growing & Developing

    Your Baby's HealthYour Baby's Health

    Breastfeeding & NutritionBreastfeeding

    Feeding Baby Solid Foods (6 to 12 months)Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods

    Keeping Your Baby SafeKeeping Your Baby Safe

    Parenting Your BabyParenting Your Baby

    Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy and After BirthDepression and Anxiety During Pregnancy and After Birth

    Why is my baby crying?Why Is My Baby Crying?