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Transportation Tomorrow Survey

Starting this fall randomly selected households in Central Ontario, including Halton Region, will be invited to participate in the 2016 Transportation Tomorrow Survey. If you receive an invitation, you and members of your household (over the age of 11) are encouraged to participate in the Transportation Tomorrow Survey – the largest survey of its kind in Canada. Your household’s participation in this survey is critical to the project’s success. The Transportation Tomorrow Survey is an important tool to support planning for transportation infrastructure and services in Halton and across central Ontario.

You can participate by:

  • calling 1-855-688-1133
  • visiting and taking the survey online using your access code provided in the letter

Your responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential. They are combined with others in your area and used to identify travel patterns. If you have any questions, please call the Ministry of Transportation at 1-800-268-4686, or visit (external link).