Halton Waste Management Site

2010 Aerial Photo Halton Waste Management SiteThe Halton Waste Management Site (HWMS) is Halton’s “one stop” solution for the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), yard waste composting, the safe disposal of household hazardous waste and of course, garbage disposal.

The Different Waste Disposal Depots at the Halton Waste Management Site

Halton Waste Management Site is more than just a landfill!  The Site offers a range of on-site diversion options to Halton residents:

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Halton Waste Management Site is located at 5400 Regional Road 25, Milton (view map External Link) (north of Dundas Street, south of Britannia Road).

View Halton Waste Management Site in a larger map External Link

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Operating Hours

Open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Saturday, except for the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Family Day
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

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Did You Know...

  • In 2011, just over 8,100 tonnes of material was diverted from disposal through the Container Station.
  • HWMS uses a full-time falconer and bird of prey to effectively deter seagulls from the landfill.
  • HWMS was the first landfill in Canada to use rubberized asphalt to pave the 4kms of on-site access roads (35,000 scrap tires were used in the process).
  • HWMS collects rainwater from building roofs for re-use on site for such tasks as washing equipment & garden watering.
  • Each year the Household Hazardous Waste Depot disposes or recycles over 800,000 litres of residential hazardous waste.

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