Halton Region Announcement

Effective Monday, March 12, 2012, Halton Region will begin migrating to Biddingo.com for the notification of bid opportunities and bid document distribution.

Halton Region encourages Vendors to complete the free online Vendor Registration Form at www.biddingo.com/halton (external link). Vendors registered with Halton Region will receive email notification when a new bid opportunity is issued matching one of their registered commodities. Vendors will be responsible for maintaining their contact information in the Biddingo.com database.

All reasonable efforts to inform registered Vendors of relevant bid opportunities will be made, but neither Biddingo nor Halton Region shall be liable for any failure to do so.

Important Note

It is expected that effective May 1, 2012, Vendors will have the ability to download tender documents and drawings for Transportation construction projects (certain complex documents may continue in hardcopy format). The implementation date to transition tender documents and drawings for Water and Wastewater construction projects to Biddingo.com is expected to occur in June of 2012.

Updates relating to the transition will be posted on www.halton.ca/purchasing and at www.biddingo.com/halton (external link). At the end of the transition it is expected that almost all bid documents will be advertised and available for electronic download at www.biddingo.com/halton (external link) and the Halton On-line Bid System will no longer be available.

Biddingo Service Options and Costs

To download bid documents on an unlimited basis, the annual subscription fee to Biddingo is currently $250.00 + HST. Biddingo subscribers can also view (and download) bid opportunities available from other government and private sector organizations, as well as view the bid document takers lists, bid results and awards, and receive automatic notification of addenda at no additional charge.

Registered Vendors that do not subscribe will still receive email alert notifications of new bid opportunities for their commodity code and be able to purchase and download documents on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Biddingo offers a 30 day free trial for those vendors wishing to evaluate the services prior to purchasing a subscription.

Need more Information?

If you require more information, please visit Biddingo’s website www.biddingo.com (external link) or contact their Customer Care Department at 416-756-0955 or info@biddingo.com. If you have any questions or concerns about Halton Region’s migration to Biddingo, please visit www.halton.ca/purchasing.

Halton Region’s preferred method of doing business is through Biddingo.com; however Halton Region will continue to make bid documents available in hardcopy format which may be paid for at Halton Region’s Purchasing Department, 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Andrea Mindenhall , CPPO, CPPB
Manager of Purchasing Services