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Keep our roads safe and running smoothly - go safe, go round.

To get up-to-speed on how to get-around (the roundabout) watch this YouTube video and try it out for yourself in this interactive example.

Interactive example of a roundabout in action

  • Halton Region Goes Roundabout
    Find out what a roundabout is and why Halton is building one.
  • How to Use a Roundabout
    Instructions on how to drive, walk and cycle a roundabout safely. 
  • Benefits of Roundabouts
    Roundabouts are becoming more common as evidence of their benefits grows; benefits that include fewer delays and fewer crashes.
  • Dispelling Common Myths
    Facts that dispel some of the common myths people have about roundabouts.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    For additional information on roundabouts and their use, read these frequently asked questions.
  • Resources and Links
    Links to Canadian and U.S. sites that discuss the use of roundabouts. Includes Regional contact info for Halton's roundabout project.