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Hazardous Spills - Emergency Preparedness

Hazardous spills pose a constant threat; the occurrence of such spills is an increasing concern in Halton.

Your response to an emergency involving a hazardous spill (or fire resulting from the spill) should be the same as other emergencies, but your community may be evacuated.

Listen for instructions from local emergency response officials and be prepared to find shelter.

"Shelter in place" is the practice of finding shelter or remaining indoors during the release of an airborne hazardous material, instead of evacuating the area.

Emergency spill telephone numbers

All spills should be reported to Halton's Emergency Spill Response Team, even when the local municipality has been notified. The response team is available 24 hours.

Please see the numbers listed below:

  • 905-825-6000
  • 311
  • Toll free: 1-866-442-5866

Procedure for reporting spills

Please provide the following information when reporting a spill:

  • name, address and telephone number of person calling
  • product identification (exact spelling);
  • status of the spill (has it occurred or is it imminent?);
  • location (if it is a rural location, include township, lot and concession whenever possible)
  • suggested approach or route to the scene
  • volume of spill and time occurred
  • direction of movement of spill (on road, sewer or stream);
  • action taken if any (others contacted)
  • personnel on scene of spill