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Data Request Fees

Regular Requests

Transportation Data Request Fees - Regular Requests
Data Type Cost Per Hour Fee HST Total
Intersection Turning Movement Count 1 (8-hr, per location) n/a $71.42 $9.29 $80.71
ATR Count (24-hr volume, classification) per location n/a $49.16 $6.39 $55.55
Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Book n/a $181.42 $23.59 $205.01
Traffic Signal Timing Plan n/a $60.89 $7.92 $68.81
Traffic Modelling Data $152.15 n/a $19.78 $171.93
Collision Data n/a $146.32 $19.02 $165.34
1All Stop controlled intersections are counted every three years and all signalized intersection are counted every two years

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Placing an Order

Before an Order is placed please review the Halton Region Road Network Map (PDF file) and confirm that the request falls under Halton Region’s jurisdiction.

When requesting information please note:

  • Description of location
  • Year of data preference
  • The intended use of data

Requests are to be sent to

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