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Environmental Assessments (EAs)

EAs study the environmental impact of construction projects before they begin.

The EA process has 5 main study phases, including public consultation (i.e. open houses). Design and Construction are the final phases in the EA process.

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  • Niagara to GTA Corridor Planning and Environmental Assessment Study (PDF file)
    The NGTA is a planning study that is examining options to expand the capacity of the transportation system in future years between the Niagara Gateway and the Greater Toronto Area. It is part of the province’s interest in proactively and responsibly planning for future growth and economic prosperity in southern Ontario and the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) area.
    • The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has advised that the Niagara to GTA Project Team is preparing to complete additional analysis of highway expansion options. The workplan for the additional analysis as well as presentations to the Community Advisory Group, Municipalities and Agencies can be viewed on the MTO project website. The MTO Project Team will be presenting their plan to complete the further evaluation at the June 13, 2012 meeting of the Region's Planning and Public Works Committee.