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Technical Reports - Phases One to Four

Planning Definitions
Sustainable Halton is a complex, technical growth management and land use planning project. To help you understand these reports, we have summarized some of the key planning terms for you.
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This section provides you with the research and technical reports on Sustainable Halton. It includes the technical reports on topics such as Agriculture, Archaeology, Water and Wastewater, and the Natural Heritage System.

It also includes the evaluation framework and land use concepts materials that guided the preparation of these technical reports.

  • Phase One
    22 technical reports to help you understand the issues on growth management and land use planning in Halton.
  • Phase Two
    After analyzing the Phase One technical reports, five land use concepts were developed. 
  • Phase Three
    In this phase, 12 additional technical reports were released for public feedback.
  • Phase Four
    The Sustainable Halton - Fiscal Affordability Analysis (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)7MB) was released on October 16, 2009.