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Seniors and Employment

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Why Work?
What You have to Offer
Work Options
Things to Consider

Why Work?

  • Supplement income
  • Keep connected to the community
  • Use expertise and skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Find personal satisfaction/ fulfilment
  • Maintain mental and or physical wellness

What You have to Offer

  • Transferable skills
  • Experience/Expertise to help shrinking labour pools and mentor younger workers
  • Ability / willingness to learn new tasks
  • Dedication –attendance is often better than average
  • Commitment / loyalty – older workers often stay longer
  • Focus and strong work ethic

Work Options

  • Volunteer (a great way to keep your skills sharp, stay engaged and help others)
  • Work full-time or part-time
  • Contract work
  • Job sharing
  • Consulting (sharing your knowledge and experience)
  • Start your own business - turn a hobby you love into a business or try something new
Professional associations regulate standards for some professions. Check to see what you need to do to maintain/regain your registration or license to practice.

Things to Consider

  • Sufficient income to meet your needs - Do you need paid employment or could you do volunteer work?
  • Will working affect your:
        a)Pension benefits?
        b)Health benefits?
        c)Health? (improve due to increased activity or decline due to stress / physical activities such as lifting)
        d)Family/social life?
        e)Do you return to the same type of work as in the past or develop a new career path?