Volunteer at the Museum

Halton Region Museum - Volunteer Working with ArtifactDiscover Halton's Heritage!

Volunteering is a great way to learn about exciting places, events and people in Halton's past while helping the Museum to preserve and promote our heritage. Volunteering also helps people discover their hidden talents.

Help out a little or help out a lot!
Museum volunteers are involved in all kinds of programs and projects. Some volunteers prefer to schedule their time, others help out on specific projects as required. Volunteering opportunities are limited only by your time and energy!

Halton Museum Foundation
Museum Volunteers are members of the Museum's fundraising organization the Halton Museum Foundation. A nominal membership fee of $10.00 goes directly to the Foundation.

New members are always welcome!
Application for Membership on the Board of Directors
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Halton Region Museum - PaintingVolunteer Benefits
Discovery, Fellowship and More

  • Museum Volunteers experience the "behind-the-scenes" Museum while taking advantage of the opportunity to upgrade their own skills and help conserve our local heritage.
    Orientation and Training in basic museum techniques and practices are provided.
  • Volunteering presents opportunities of friendship, fellowship, learning and working towards a common goal.
  • The annual Volunteer Luncheon, and Field Trips are just two of the special benefits reserved for volunteers.
  • Volunteers appreciate discounts at the Museum Shop as well as Special Invitations to Exhibit Openings and Previews, and Special Events. Awards for long term service are presented by the Museum, by Halton Regional Council and by the Province of Ontario.

The Volunteer Experience

Museum Volunteers Have Their Say!

"I learn a lot of interesting things and enjoy the research I do here. And, I meet a lot of nice people. I like being able to preserve our history and our heritage."
- Alex, 14 Year Volunteer

"When I go to "work" at the Museum, I learn a lot about our history. I enjoy cataloguing the new artifacts the Museum receives and working with all the interesting objects in the collection. The people here are very friendly. I enjoy that too!"
- Jean, 14 Year Volunteer

"The gift shop is of special interest to me. I've always enjoyed retail sales. I like going to the gift shows, buying for the Shop, and figuring out what's going to sell and what isn't. Other volunteers and staff are very helpful. We meet lots of interesting people and have some lively discussions"
- Wendy, 5 Year Volunteer

"I enjoy helping out at special events. We have so many different ones and I do many interesting jobs. Working in the Museum Shop is fun too. I meet lots of people and learn about our history at the same time."
- Freda, 3 Year Volunteer

"Preserving Halton's heritage is a very big job! Just ask any one of the Volunteers. There's always more work than people to do it, and so many great ideas and projects for the future. Halton's heritage is fascinating.

Did you know there were many "firsts" in Halton? The award winning Palermo plow share in Palermo, the steam mills in Bronte, the Robertson socket-head screw factory on Milton and the Barber Paper Mills in Georgetown to name but a few. These are things that, as "Haltonians" we can all take pride in.

And how about "life" many years ago, when times were so very different from today. We can all use information, artifacts from the past and our own imaginations to explore it. Imagine purchasing a gallon of whiskey for 25 cents, travelling through the creek to town in a horse and carriage because there were no bridges, or visiting a dentist who used a drilling machine operated by a foot treadle. There are an infinite number of fascinating stories waiting to be discovered.

This is my 15th Year as a Halton Region Museum volunteer. I've taken part in special events, school programs, exhibitions, and collections conservation. Its rich and rewarding work, to know that I am helping to save our community's heritage for future generations."
- Janet, 15 Year Volunteer