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Interview Tips - The Region of Halton

An interview is an employer’s opportunity to assess your suitability for a position.

Behavioural-type Interview Questions

Behavioural type interview questions are often used during the interview process at Halton Region. A behavioural-type interview question is an an open-ended question that asks for a specific example of a past experience, e.g.

  • "Tell me about a time when you had to tell your supervisor you disagreed with their recommendation."
  • "Describe a situation that demonstrates your ability to deal with conflict between coworkers."
  • "Please provide an example of a time when you had to act with very little planning."

You have answered the behavioural interview question if you have explained the situation, how you handled the situation and the outcome of your actions.

Practice responses to interview questions - but don't try to memorize them. And remember to be yourself! It is important that responses feel and sound natural.

Interview Tips

  • Prepare yourself. Ask yourself questions - Why do I want this job? What do I have to offer? Prepare by reviewing your experiences at work, at school and in volunteer activities and keep a mental list of your accomplishments.
  • Be on time and dress appropriately for the job.  Do not wear unusual clothes or heavy cologne.
  • Make a good first impression (interviewers can make “instant” judgments) by projecting enthusiasm, interest, motivation, flexibility and willingness to learn Smile and talk positively.
  • Do not criticize your past employers or co-workers.
  • Do some research. Find out everything you can about the specific position and the organization. The better you understand the position and the employer's needs the more effectively you can show how you'll benefit their organization.
  • Prepare questions to ask the interview panel at the end of the interview. This will show that you are really interested in the organization and have taken the time to research. For example ask about the company: eg. how the various departments function together, training opportunities, challenges the organization faces etc..  The last question could be when they anticipate a decision on hiring will be made and how they will inform the candidates.
  • Bring with you copies of your resume, reference letters and/or a list of references. 

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