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Healthy Schools Halton

Current Edition

What is Healthy Schools Halton?

Healthy Schools Halton is a new e-newsletter to share comprehensive Healthy Schools stories to connect, support and inspire school staff, families and administrators to build healthier school communities.

It is developed in collaboration with public health nurses and schools in both Halton District School Board and Halton Catholic District School Boards.

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What is in Healthy Schools Halton e-newsletter?

Healthy Schools Halton highlights stories from elementary and secondary schools that have implemented healthy school initiatives using:

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How to use Healthy Schools Halton in your school community

Healthy Schools Halton helps schools:

  • Learn about healthy school initiatives from the perspective of teachers, students, parents, administrators, community organizations and/or public health nurses in Halton.
  • Highlight stories and examples of healthy school initiatives in school parent newsletters, website or social media.
  • Share or apply ideas, knowledge and information gained into school planning or parent councils.

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