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Halton's Economic Vitality

A Strong Halton for a Strong Ontario - Partners for the Future

This page details Halton's needs for economic vitality and what Halton requests from the Province to ensure growth and prosperity. 

Aerial shot of somewhere in halton Provincial Employment Targets

Provincial employment targets are set by the Places to Grow Plan for Halton at 390,000 employees and 50 residents and jobs combined per gross hectare by 2031.

    What Halton requests of the next Provincial Government

    • Support the vision and protection of employment land use in strategic locations within the region along provincial highways beyond the planning horizon of 2031
    • Fast track the Planning Act provisions for conditional zoning and development permits
    • Enhance support for small businesses through additional funding of the Small Business Enterprise Centres network across Ontario
    • Provide ongoing core funding to the Regional Tourism organizations so that they are not completely reliant on their own Regional Tourism Levy and municipal funding
    • Confirm the provincial commitment to the Ontario Network of Excellence which supports the 14 Regional Innovation Centres across Ontario as a key delivery tool for the creation and growth of technology based companies