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Halton's Infrastructure

A Strong Halton for a Strong Ontario - Partners for the Future

This page details Halton's infrastructure needs and what Halton requests from the Province to ensure growth pays for itself. 

Municipal-Provincial Infrastructure
Halton Infrastructure Worker

The combined municipal-provincial infrastructure needs in Halton to 2031 are expected to reach approximately $8.6 billion to meet the growth targets as set out through the Provincial Places to Grow Plan. According to Places to Grow, Halton’s population is mandated to reach 780,000 by 2031. Water, wastewater and regional roads as well as provincially funded infrastructure such as schools and hospitals will be needed for Halton’s growing population. Growth does not fully pay for itself and enhanced funding mechanisms need to be considered. In addition, as systems grow, significant maintenance pressures will need to be addressed through sustainable financing plans.

What Halton requests of the next Provincial Government

  • A commitment to work with Halton Region to ensure that growth pays for itself
  • A completed review of the Development Charges Act (1997) during the next provincial mandate to ensure that municipalities have the tools to plan and fund future growth
  • A long term strategy to expedite the Environmental Assessment (EA) process for all transportation projects
  • A financial plan for Metrolinx that includes 100% provincial funding for GO Transit
  • Fast track transit projects promised in MoveOntario 2020 and the Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan
  • Fund the cost of Official Plan challenges to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) where the challenges relate to conformity to the Provincial Places to Grow Plan
  • A 10 year review of the Places to Grow Plan, including updating population and employment targets at 10 year intervals
  • Expedite the Official Plan approval process at both the Province and the OMB