Exemption from the Retail Business Holidays Act

The Retail Business Holidays Act (external link) (the "Act") requires businesses to be closed on statutory holidays unless they are exempted. The Act sets out statutory exemptions for certain classes of business and also provides that Regional Council may pass a by-law permitting businesses to remain open for the maintenance or development of tourism. Before passing such a by-law, Regional Council must hold a public meeting to consider an application for exemption.

In considering an exemption, Regional Council shall take into account that:

  • The principle that holidays should be maintained as common pause days.
  • That a by-law may be passed only if there is compliance with the tourism criteria set out in the Regulations.
  • That Council is not required to pass the by-law even if the tourism criteria are met.

In this section of the website, you can find additional information about the process for applying for an exemption from the Retail Business Holidays Act, fees, and the required application form.

Existing Halton Region Tourism Exemption By-laws:

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