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Children/Tweens (age 6 - 12)

Parenting programs & supports

Find out about all the parenting programs and supports we offer through HaltonParents.

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What parents are saying about us

"My family moved to Canada from China 2 years ago, and we moved to (Halton) last year. HaltonParents has not only been an informational resource but also been a supportive friend to me…I'm truly thankful for what they do for all the parents and children especially for my family and my son.”

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School LifeSchool Life

Talking about sexualityTalking About Sexuality

Healthy MindsHealthy Minds

Healthy Kids Healthy FamiliesHealthy Kids Healthy Families

Keeping your child safeKeeping Your Child Safe

A new kind of parentingA New Kind Of Parenting

Substance Use/MisuseSubstance Use/Misuse