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Quality MAP

Quality MAP is an assessment tool and process used to measure quality in our licensed Early Learning and Child Care System. It is a tool to support continuous quality enhancement through Action Research, “a process whereby early childhood educators, through reflective practice and disciplined inquiry in their practice setting, work to improve the quality of their professional practice” (College of Early Childhood Educators, 2014).

The primary objectives of the Quality MAP are:

  • To promote best practice and professional standards in early learning and child care
  • To assess the quality of early learning and child care programs
  • To highlight the strengths of each program and recognize opportunities for enhancement

Why is Halton Region assessing our program quality?

Under provincial legislation, Halton Region - Children’s Services is designated as the Consolidated Municipal Service System Manager (CMSM) and is responsible for ensuring accountability of funds by providing support and resources to operators who offer high quality and inclusive services. Quality is of utmost importance as it has a profound and long-lasting impact on children, families, staff and our community.

What does MAP mean?

The word map is both a metaphor and an acronym. We view “quality as a journey, not a destination” and quality improvement as a continuous process, rather than a single event.  Just as a map is an important tool for travellers, we view the components of Quality MAP as integral to programs and educators on their quest for quality. The letters M-A-P also represent three words that are the components of Quality MAP: meaning-making, alignment, and plan.

How does the assessment work?

Quality MAP acknowledges what the program’s educators, children and families say (conversations), do and represent as forms of data that tell the program’s “quality story”. Through Quality MAP, programs co-construct a centre-based portfolio to represent their quality culture and practices. We feel that this approach to assessing quality is innovative, consistent with the Ministry of Education’s vision for the Early Years and How Does Learning Happen?, builds on Quality First, and is complementary to the College of Early Childhood Educator’s Continuous Professional Learning, Portfolio Program.

Who completes the assessment?

Halton Region’s, Children’s Services, Quality Specialist completes the assessment.

How do we participate in Quality MAP?

Halton Region is currently piloting Quality MAP in a variety of early learning and child care programs in our community. For more information or to participate in Quality MAP, contact Anna Nguyen-Sgro, Quality Specialist at 905-825-6000 ext. 2525 or