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Registered Dietitians

Nutrition Information for Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitians know the importance of healthy eating and developing positive eating behaviours in young children. The early years is a time when meals and new foods can be a challenge. As a Registered Dietitian, you play a key role in supporting families of young children to develop healthy eating habits.

HaltonParents provides valuable information to help families with young children get off to a good start. Encourage families to refer to our specialized web content:

Families can also speak with a Public Health Nurse Monday through Friday by:


Dietitians of Canada and EatRight Ontario have partnered with the University of Guelph to create the NutriSTEP® nutrition screening questionnaires for preschoolers (3-5 years) and toddlers (18-35 months). These useful nutrition screening tools have been used by service providers across Canada for several years, and have been beneficial in helping service agencies identify needs in their community and provide education and counseling to parents. NutriSTEP® has been used in acute care, primary care and public health settings.

NutriSTEP® is a fast and easy way to screen and assess toddlers and preschoolers who may be at risk of nutrition problems early in life. Parents and caregivers can complete a simple questionnaire that addresses eating habits, growth and development, feeding environment, food security and physical activity levels.

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This online tool allows more parents across Canada to benefit from the screening tool. In less than 10 minutes, parents or a caregiver can complete the online questionnaire, receive immediate feedback on “What is Going Well” and “What to Work On,” and be linked to healthy eating resources and community services.

Get started with Nutri-eSTEP at (external link)

NutriSTEP® Implementation in Halton Region

The Early Years Health Program (EYHP) has developed a NutriSTEP® section on Halton Region’s website at Families can request a hard copy of the questionnaire by dialing 311, or they can link directly online to complete the survey themselves.

Our web content provides links to EatRight Ontario, Dietitians of Canada to find a local RD, healthy eating resources and factsheets such as “How to Build a Healthy Toddler” and ”How to Build a Healthy Preschooler.

Support for Dietitians

  • Halton Region’s goal is to support dietitians working with a families who have completed the nutrition screen and determined a nutrition risk score. The community referral mapping aims to provide RDs with further nutrition supports and services within the community.
    NutriSTEP® Community Referral Map PDF file
  • NutriSTEP® has developed learning modules for RDs to support their practice in consulting with pediatric clients. There are five self-directed training modules have been developed and evaluated to respond to this need. All training modules and background materials can be downloaded free of charge:
    Preschool Nutrition Primers for Dietitians (external link)
    • Module 1: Pediatric Growth Assessment Part 1: The Principles
    • Module 2: Growth Assessment Part 2: Ends of the Spectrum
    • Module 3: Pediatric Nutritional Assessment
    • Module 4: Nutrient Deficiencies: Iron and Vitamin D
    • Module 5: Food Allergies and Intolerances