Halton Region businesses benefit from generous tax incentives and industry support

Halton-based companies have access to government programs designed to contribute to their growth and success. Both the Province of Ontario and the federal government offer generous tax incentives and funding programs that help businesses innovate, commercialize their products or processes and stay competitive on the world stage.

For businesses committed to research and innovation, Ontario has the financial incentives , as well as the right climate for research and development. The 2012 KPMG competitive Alternatives ranked Canada ahead of most major industrialized countries in a comparison of R& D costs, citing a Canadian cost advantage of close to 11 per cent over the U.S.

Learn more about some of Ontario’s R&D tax incentive programs.

Tax credits – among the most generous of G7 countries

Ontario and the federal government offer a variety of incentives and funding programs, for a range of industries and operations including hiring incentives, research and innovation, commercialization and export trade opportunities. Tax credits are among the most generous of the G7 countries. In Ontario alone, the R&D Tax Program can substantially reduce a company's after-tax costs. A $100 investment in R&D can be reduced to as low as $37. For more information see the Invest In Ontario website on business advantages (external link).

Guide to Incentives

For details on tax credits, research partnerships, funding, financial incentives and venture capital, refer to the Guide to Incentives (PDF file). This table outlines each incentive program and its origin, offers a brief description and indicates the industry these government incentives support.

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