Site Selection

Site Selection - Summary

Let Halton Region help you find the best sites for your business

At Halton Region, we understand the issues, challenges and resources required to identify the right location for your business. This might involve relocation or the expansion of operations on your current site. The Halton Region Economic Development team is here to help you select and develop the best sites for your company. 

Available Properties

Explore available industrial and commercial properties in Halton. Whether you’re looking to expand or relocate a business, there are a good range of commercial real estate options for sale, lease or build.

Advanced Infrastructure

Local utilities and infrastructure improvements serve Halton businesses. The Infrastructure Improvement Program invests in major projects to support growth and ensure the region is competitive for business.

Business Parks

The region has 16 existing business parks, also known as designated employment areas, and seven more locations planned for the future, with water and wastewater servicing to be completed by 2021.

Development Charges (DCs)

DCs help municipalities finance the capital costs of providing important services such as roads, water and wastewater services, fire and transit and other general services. Find out what triggers a development charge.


Two levels of government offer generous tax incentives and funding programs that help businesses innovate, commercialize their products or processes and stay competitive on the world stage.

Land Development Process

Halton Region can help you navigate the land development process. Learn more about how the Region works with its local municipal governments to accommodate tight planning approvals and construction timelines.

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