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Quick Facts

Over 1,300 professional and business services operate in Halton Region and employ nearly 14,070

Halton is home to a labour force of nearly 22,500 architectural, engineering and related service professionals

42 per cent of Halton professional and business services companies have established operations or relocated in Halton over the last five years

Labour pool within a 1-hour drive

Professional, scientific and business services — well-represented in Halton Region

The rapidly-growing, knowledge-based economy in Halton has become a magnet for professional, scientific and business services companies that operate locally, nationally and internationally. Companies choose Halton for its access to a multi-talented, multicultural and growing workforce that can help them take advantage of the vast potential for business in Southern Ontario, the United States and beyond.

Notable names in professional and business services call Halton Region home

Among global companies that provide engineering, scientific, and consulting services in Halton are:

Rooted in our knowledge economy, professional and business services in Halton continue to attract top talent, while also receiving excellent support through R&D tax incentives and partnerships with educational institutions

Locating in Halton makes good business sense

The Halton business community is expanding rapidly. The number of people working in Halton is projected to grow over 65 per cent to 470,000 workers by 2014. And with that comes an increased demand for business and professional services. What’s more is that a Halton location can also readily service the entire growing Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe region offering easy access to companies in the City of Toronto as well as further west into Waterloo, Hamilton and Niagara.

Halton is increasingly becoming known as the place to develop your business' “competitive edge” – a necessary requirement to compete in an increasingly globalized world. With Halton’s vast supply of talent in the architectural, engineering and related services fields it's no wonder that a growing number of engineering, research and development and specialized design services companies are calling Halton home. In fact, between 2002 and 2012, employment in architecture, engineering and related services grew by 42 per cent. If you are looking for the talent required to develop innovative and competitive products and services, locating here simply makes good sense.

These major factors bring and retain professional, scientific and business services to Halton:

"This location appealed to us because [Halton] is a growing business community, is close to public transit and major highways, and has leading green design features, all of which support PwC's environmental objectives” 
— Raj Kothari, GTA managing partner of PwC

Highly-educated workforce

Supporting Halton's professional and business services is a growing pool of knowledge workers who comprise one of the most educated workforces in Canada. Among Halton residents, 75 per cent have a post-secondary education and a growing number work in the knowledge industry. Companies in the sector tell us that one major reason for locating in Halton is its unparalleled access to research, co-op programs and talent from 20 colleges and universities, all within a 60- minute drive.

Halton is surrounded by many of the top schools in Canada including:

Offering a wide selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, these schools turn out graduates who are sought after and recruited by Halton's diversified services sector.

Support organizations

Halton's Economic Development team supports professional, scientific and business services sector

Our Economic Development team works with professional, scientific and business services companies to identify opportunities and location preferences throughout the region. With our knowledge and our contacts, we can provide the full range of support services and essential information on Halton's economy, labour force, hiring, business costs, infrastructure, real estate and lifestyles.

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