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Road Safety Action Plan

To help improve safety on regional roads, Halton established the Comprehensive Road Safety Action Plan (CROSAP) in 2001.

The CROSAP guides the implementation of a road safety management system for Regional Roads.

CROSAP uses 3 equal approaches to improve safety on regional roads - Engineering, Education and Enforcement.

  • Drive SAFE Education - Road Safety Starts with You Handbook CoverEngineering:
    • Every year, Halton's Transportation Services department screens intersections and sections of roads to identify areas where safety improvements could be made.
    • Based on safety assessments, areas for improvement are identified and recommended changes are made to Regional Council.
    • To ensure the highest level of safety on Regional roads, Halton carries out road safety audits for all new roadway designs, as well as for major road improvement projects.
  • Education:
    • From the CROSAP the Drive SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone) campaign was created. 
    • To highlight safety issues, Halton Region and the Halton Regional Police Service created the “Speeding Costs” road signs, reminding drivers entering Halton of the costs associated with speeding, as well as, driver safety awareness posters located across Halton.
    • Halton Region, the Halton Regional Police Service and the Regional Cycling Committee also developed 2 30-second bicycle safety public service announcements.
  • Enforcement:
    • While most drivers are aware of the rules of the road and drive safely, some drivers need a reminder.
    • The Halton Regional Police Service is out in the community enforcing the speed limits in high-speed locations and Community Safety Zones, as well as monitoring drivers on all roads, to help ensure Halton's roads stay safe.