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Product Approval for Water / Wastewater Products – Linear

If you have a product that you would like Halton Region Product Review Committee to consider, please:

  1. Complete the Product Approval for Water / Wastewater Facilities Application Form – Linear (PDF file)
    If you wish to provide more information about your product, please send additional supplementary information with your application form.
  2. Forward it by mail or email to:

If you have any questions please email:

Product Review Committee

The Product Review Committee provides a formal process for Halton Region staff to review new products, and make informed decisions about products that may be used for Regional purposes.

The purpose of Halton Region’s Product Review Committee is to:

  • review all new products for new installation and maintenance purposes relative to water, wastewater and transportation projects.
  • recommend acceptance or rejection of the new products.
  • forward its recommendation to the Management Team for final approval.
  • include all approved products in the Region’s Approved Manufacturers Products List - Linear.
  • recommend removing products from the Approved Manufacturers Products List - Linear, if necessary.