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Filing an Application

Application Forms

Application forms for development that do not affect the Regional Official Plan are available through the local Planning Departments:

For development projects that require an amendment to the Regional Official Plan, please complete and submit a Regional Official Plan Amendment FormAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF)125KB.

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Prescribed Information

What is prescribed information?

Prescribed information is indicated on the application form and must be provided. The required fees must accompany the submission. Local and Regional Planning staff will determine whether the application is complete. Additional materials/reports may be requested.

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Incomplete Applications

The time limits for processing an application under The Planning Act come into effect only after an application is complete. An incomplete application will not be processed. An application is considered incomplete if fees are not paid.

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About Fees

In accordance with Halton policies, fees are intended to cover the full cost of processing development applications.

Service & Engineering Fees

Engineering and Inspection fees are calculated as a percentage of the estimated cost of Regional water and sanitary services and are based on a sliding scale.

Tapping fees and water meter fees are reviewed in January of each year.

View the current fees.

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Application Processing Flow Charts

These flow charts identify the steps, agencies and timing involved in processing different types of development applications.

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